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Autism Support

Autism is a metabolic condition where a metabolic vulnerability escalates into healing deadlock.

Recovery requires concurrent repair of interlocked metabolic systems.

Methods and tools vary with the unique conditions of the child.

This series of articles describes a doors and locks approach to optimize the process of autism recovery.


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Autism Cascade

Research Projects
These publications provide experimental disclosures which provide a basis for the cause and care model in the autism cascade.
Publication Summary
Autistic Blood Patterns

Illustration of six autistic children's of blood. This view evidences the blood dysfunction model proposed in the Autism Cascade. The images illustrate two dysfunction patterns which enable tissue suffocation in the brain and elsewhere that contribute to the tendency for pathological equilibrium of autism. These images show why blood hygeine is a missing piece of the autism mystery.

What's in your childs blood?
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Chronic Hypotension (coming soon)

Proposes a stress-based explanation and care method for autistic children that exhibit chronic hypotension. Suggests how/why chronic low blood pressure creates ischemic tendency similar to acute agglutination.

Ever wonder why your child always has low blood pressure and how it affects autism recovery?
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Mystery Metals (coming soon)

Compares hair / stool / urine analysis in autistic children to illustrate surprising consistency for elevated aluminum, arsenic, antimony, cadmium and uranium levels independent of environment. Suggests at-home experiments that will change the way you think about toxic metals.

Ever wonder why your child is an exotic metal mine?
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Case Experiences (by permission)

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